Kyle Idleman is never boring. He never lulls. Just the opposite. Kyle always stirs, excites, and challenges. By the end of this book you will see grace in a new light; you will see your loving God in a new light. Read it and be encouraged.
— Max Lucado, author of GRACE and In the Grip of Grace

Grace is my favorite topic, and Kyle Idleman's new book breathes fresh life into it through engaging stories and winsome insights. Nothing is greater than grace. Celebrate it, live it, share it!
— Lee Strobel, award-winning author of The Case for Grace

Kyle has a way with words; when his pen touches paper, God uses him to stir our souls and expand our imagination. In Grace Is Greater, you will learn that God's grace is greater than your mistakes, your hurts, and your circumstances. You are going to love this book.
— Derwin Gray, author of Crazy Grace for Crazy Times

Kyle Idleman is a remarkable writer. As he opens his heart and God's Word, he shares stories that are both moving and meaningful and confesses his own weaknesses with stunning transparency. Grace Is Greater is practical and inspirational, providing a clear path to freedom through God's amazing gift of grace. I loved it!
— Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

Kyle Idleman's books never cease to inspire me. He writes with boldness, communicating biblical truth in a fresh and convicting way! Kyle challenges us to not just experience grace but to make sure no one we come in contact with misses the grace of God. His witty, straightforward wisdom will motivate and encourage you to live a life worthy of your calling. I highly recommend it!
— Chip Ingram, author of Grace: Experiencing God's Generosity

Kyle has a way of communicating grace that invites all people to partake. In Grace Is Greater, you will be challenged to receive God's love and mercy daily, and freely give it to others. From the first page to the last, you will see that grace is truly greater than anything and everything else.
— Mark Batterson, lover of God's grace and New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker